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Appointments for patients without a family doctor at the Azur clinic

What you need to know:

  • Booking starts at 6:45AM on the dot. Some places are added near 4:00PM.
  • The time of your appointment is approximate
  • Booking an appointment can be hard as a lot of people want one. Unfortunately, we cannot see everyone (we are a clinic after all, not a hospital)
  • Booking an appointment is free
  • Book your appointment online at Bonjour‑Santé or by calling the automated service at 450‑878‑0449 or by clicking on the button below.

Book an appointment in our emergency clinic

If you want to file a complaint, please email us at Your messages will be read by management.

Clinique Azur is not responsible for any services offered by Bonjour-Santé, other than booking an appointment, such as guaranteed time waiting that we are unable to assume.